Creating Telecom Savings

Contingency-Based Telecom Bill Audits

Companies waste millions of dollars each year because they are unaware they are being overcharged for their telecommunication services. S2K understands how easily this can happen, and more importantly, we know how to stop the overcharging and put money back in your account.

Your S2K audit provides you a forensic review of each and every item for which you are being billed by your Telecom Carrier. We review accuracy of the items billed, rates assigned per item, discounts, design influence, contract pricing and term agreements. On your behalf, we issue disputes and negotiate the largest possible back credits for items when you have been over-billed. If you are paying for services you are no longer using, we’ll identify these problems and help you put a stop to it. Finally, when all your records are in perfect order, we negotiate and implement the best possible rates available to you from your existing Carrier.

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Success Stories

Uncovered $110k Billing Error

By detecting a contract rate not properly implemented by the Carrier, S2K uncovered $110,000 in annual overbilling for a County in Georgia.

Created $500k Annual Savings

Through disconnecting services not in use and negotiating improved contracts, our team created over $500,000 in annual savings for a hospital district in South Florida.

Identified $175k In Unused Services

After discovering multiple obsolete and unused circuits, S2K disconnected $175,000 in services for a City in South Florida.

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