The primary purpose of S2K Consulting is to provide our Clients with unparalleled expertise in the areas of telecommunications bill auditing, revenue recovery, and rate negotiations. S2K Consulting works with Clients whose transport billing is in the range of $15,000 to $15,000,000 per month. Each project manager assigned to an audit has had extensive experience working for that particular Carrier, which allows us to customize each audit according to the Carriers involved.


S2K Consulting is a unique company in that its process does not use simple automation, but uses an effective combination of software based analysis tools in combination with a hands-on review of detail Client records.


S2K Consulting offers a personalized service as well as a sincere interest in its Client’s experience during the audit process and after the work is complete. Our success rate in positive dispute resolution is over 95%.

S2K Consulting President

Sherry Bellomo


Sherry has 30 years experience with BellSouth/AT&T. Sherry began her career as one of the first female technicians hired by BellSouth and ended as the lead engineer on one of AT&T’s largest Clients. With an impeccable record with AT&T and as a leader in her organization, Sherry knows firsthand the processes, policies, and practices as well as the missing links, system problems, and vulnerabilities of the largest Telecom Carrier in the Southeast. Involved in every aspect of a Client audit, Sherry oversees each project with intense attention to detail and accuracy.

S2K Consulting Operations Manager

Katie Steuck

Operations Manager

Katie joined S2K in 2010 and is in charge of audit operations. Katie is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has previously worked with S2K on a multimillion-dollar audit for one of the largest Wholesale Carriers in the country. Katie’s experience in audit operations has put her in a position to project manage the largest of audits from start to finish. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and ensures every penny is recovered, tracked, and accounted for. Katie’s focus on Customer Service ensures S2K Consulting’s Clients are well cared for throughout the audit process.

Our Clients