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Transport Bill Audit

S2K performs a forensic telecom transport audit. S2K evaluates the accuracy on all rate elements for every service billed. We complete an analysis based on a combination of the bill and service records and prepare a list of disputes to be issued with the Carrier. During the audit, S2K keeps the Client updated either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis based on client preference.

Identification of Services Not In Use

As an important part of our audit process, identifying services being billed, but not in use, typically has a significant impact on a Client’s monthly billing. When these services are identified, S2K works closely with the Carrier to run specialized, non-intrusive, testing and analyzes usage and trouble history to further determine if the services are in use. S2K handles the disconnect order and is often able to negotiate back credits for the service if it is able to be determined when the service should have been disconnected.

Rate Negotiation

It is rare that Customers are receiving the best rates available; S2K begins to review what discounts or special rate plans are available to you based on the volume of services to which you currently subscribe. S2K knows what competitors are offering, what clients with your volume of service are paying, what discounts are available off published tariffs and when and how special pricing may be negotiated. S2K negotiates the best possible rates for you and with your approval and acceptance of an improved rate plan, coordinates with your Carrier to implement the new rates and then verifies that those rates are properly applied to all your services.

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